Certified Life Coach


Juice Therapy Practitioner


Rock’n Roll Photographer


Experience the fabulous combination of life coaching, juice cleansing and a professional photo session in this one-of-a-kind 8 week program.


Hiya, I am Jana.

Coach, Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner, Photographer. Mother of Two. Artist. Music and Animal Lover.

I love my kids. Period. I love myself. Also period. I have survived adversities of all kinds, including my own inner *a..hole* that has been wanting to hold me back and keep me invisible and small. I am ready to share my wisdom and my experiences with you to get you to where you really wanna be.


Inspiring others inspires me.

Listen to my clients.

Yes, darling : ALL Photographs BY ME.

Cissy Bretsch

Mindfulness Ambassador

“Jana and her program are a gift. Empowering exchange, Juice Cleansing and Photography helped me gain clarity and courage, inside and out.

Dagmar Lingg

Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Healer

“Your passion is contagious. It’s exciting to work with you!”

Carolin Schmidt

Actress, Coach

“ Thank you for your support & inspiration & your point of view. Thank you forworking with me in your own honest, caring, persistent and unconventional way.

Leah Wilson-Felis

Yoga Teacher, Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner and Instructor. Massage Therapist.

“I have so much more than just 2 sentences to write about my juicing journey (with you)”

Aileen Müller-Mechsner

Mediator, Trainer, Coach

“It’s so easy to work with you, the way you direct light, pose and background, making it easy for me to move and be relaxed. The results are fabulous and natural portraits.

I work with women who have decided to finally put themselves first, who are excited to live their lives stronger and healthier.

Let’s connect.❤️✌🏼✨

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Why I am here.

I am here to give You what I would have wanted and needed to get back into the flow. Instead it took me years. Get the fast track by working with me. No shortcuts!

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Let’s talk about the Big M

Let’s talk about the Big M

Let's talk about Menopause.Until I get to this, do yourself a big favour and read Dr. Jen Gunter's Menopause Manifesto. Before anything else, before you make an appointment with your Ob/Gyn, read this book.

Musicians revisited

Musicians revisited

After a long break, I mean, a really really looong break, thanks to divorce, covid and other fun distractions, I got back on the trail to revisit with some of my favoured - and still alive - musicians. And yes, it's a very personal selection, either because I love...